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Hit and miss timber fencing used for refuse store at Kimbolton School


<h2><strong>Steve Ratcliffe, Ratcliffe Security, Palisade and Residential Fencing, Harlington, Dunstable, Bedfordshire</strong></h2> <p>1. Pallisade Security Fencing for schools & local Authorities</p> <p>2. All types of fencing for homes & businesses</p> <p>3. Over 25 years experience</p> <p>4. Free On Site Surveys</p> <p>5. Fully insured public liability insurance</p> <p>6. NVQ Diploma in Security Fencing ( Fully Trained )</p> <p>7. Timber & Steel Double leaf entrance gates & single leaf pedestrian gates supplied & fitted. Bespoke manufacture to customer requirements</p> <p>8. Conrete posts & Concrete gravelboards fitted with Fully Treated Timber Closeboard Panels.</p> <p>9. Decorative Steel Metal Railings available in Galvanised or with a choice of RAL Powder Coating Colours</p> <p>10. Steel Palisade Security Fencing available in Galvanised or with a choice of RAL Powder Coating Colours</p> <p>11. Security Palisade and Security Mesh Panel Fencing available in Galvanised or with a choice of RAL Powder Coating Colours</p> <p>12. Supplying fencing bedford, fencing dunstable, fencing luton, fencing milton keynes, fencing st albans, fencing stevenage, fencing watford</p> <p>13. Respected fencing contractors bedford</p> <p>14. Respected fencing contractors milton keynes</p> <p>15. Respected fencing contractors dunstable</p> <h1>Kayst Fencing Contractors</h1> <p>At Kayst Fencing Contractors, we take great pride in the fact that a great deal of our work is gained through recommendation and returning customers.</p> <p>Established in 1986 and based in mid bedfordshire, we offer a fully comprehensive service and a skilled work force working to our own high standards.</p> <p>Our portfolio lists Schools, Sports facilities, recreation grounds, new housing and domestic properties, Industrial area's, Agricultural and live stock and a complete range of gates. We currently work on projects in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, North London, Cambrideshire, Oxfordshire and essex.</p> <p>Reliability, experience and a pride in all of our projects makes us the number one choice.</p> <h1><a href="projects.html"><img src="images/next-page.png" alt="Next" width="142" height="54" align="right" /></a>Kayst Fencing Site Secure </h1> <p>We can supply and install 2.4 metre high Ply Hoarding with 100mm timber posts set in concrete footings at 2.4 metre centres.</p> <p>We then fit four 100mm x 50mm timber rails for the ply hoarding to be attached.</p> <p>Cover strips can be fitted to blind the expansion gaps between the ply sheets and then to finish off we can add a top pelmet and a skirt to the base in 100 x 20mm P.A.R.</p> <p>The hoarding is now ready for painting in your company colours and can include fitting of signage and stencilled logos.</p> <p>For access requirements we can supply and install steel framed double gates and pedestrian gates also with ply frontage finished to match.</p> <p>Gates can then be fitted with coded key pad, key access or a sturdy padlock and hasp.</p> <p>We also supply temporary mesh fencing panels for protecting an area in a matter of minutes, supplied with clips and blocks.</p> <p>Ask about our special rates for more than 50 panels.</p> <p>All front facing ply sheets receive two base coats and two top coats, including facia and cover strips.</p> <p>We even base coat the back of the ply to ensure it stays looking <br /> great.<br /> </p> <p><em>Security Hoarding<br /> used at the<br /> SDC Building<br /> project at<br /> Kimbolton <br /> School</em></p> <h1><a href="residential.html"><img src="images/next-page.png" alt="Next" width="142" height="54" align="right" /></a>Kayst Fencing Schools </h1> <p>Parents expect their child to be safe when they drop them off for school or nursery, just as pupils and staff have the right to work or learn in a secure environment. Schools are obliged to protect their occupants by providing a secure boundary fence, then giving pupils, staff and visitors two or three gated entrances from which to gain access.</p> <p>Selecting and installing an effective fencing solution will deter trespassers, as well as keeping pupils secure by restricting the opportunities for truancy.</p> <p>However, outside of school hours when the premises is empty the threats change, burglars are very resourceful when trying to gain access to a building and schools offer a treasure trove of technical equipment. Vandals are also a problem, with some attacks causing thousands of pounds worth of damage in a single night.</p> <p>School boundary fencing must be robust enough to withstand repeated onslaughts, but also serve an aesthetic purpose; schools are community spaces and should look welcoming. Therefore, if you&rsquo;d prefer we can provide a more modern solution with a decorative element, these are equally capable of protecting your grounds and can be supplied with a powder coating or a galvanised finish.</p> <p>When the perimeter fence is secure, you can feel confident in leaving the building at night. Our steel palisade solution is a traditional choice with &lsquo;W&rsquo; or &lsquo;D&rsquo; profiles and the formidable triple point tops. Rounded tops are available. (See our <a href="">security page</a>). Where applicable, our fences conform to the standards laid out by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.</p> <p><strong>Sports areas and playgrounds</strong></p> <p>Internal fencing is used by schools to section off areas of playground or sporting facilities. The most popular choice is our welded steel wire mesh fencing; however, we also offer netting to keep balls contained, and railings for your spectator areas. The Dulok Sports and Dulok Rebound systems are modular panel fences, suitable for all multi-sport areas. The panels can be finished in a protective galvanised coating or polyester powder coated, they are supplied in green RAL 6005 or black RAL 9005, but a range of other RAL colours are available.</p> <p><strong>Railings</strong></p> <p>With contemporary or traditional designs, railings are proving to be a popular choice with schools and colleges, offering a high degree of security and visibility. Available with a galvanised finished and polyester powder coated, all RAL colours. All railings conform to &lsquo;ROSPA&rsquo; specifications. A durable effective solution for parks and playgrounds.</p> <h1><a href="commercial.html"><img src="images/next-page.png" alt="Next" width="142" height="54" align="right" /></a>Kayst Fencing Residential </h1> <p><strong><em>Frame your garden beautifully</em></strong></p> <p>If you are planning to revamp your garden, then organising a suitable perimeter fence will be a key aspect of the task. New panels will look more attractive, but replacing older fencing also adds extra security by deterring unwelcome visitors – be they animal or human. From an aesthetic point of view, your boundaries will be the areas along which climbing plants can grow, so you may consider the way in which you'd like your fencing to coordinate with the foliage.</p> <p>If you'd like advice on bringing the project together, speak to our team of experts. They are happy to discuss how you'd like your green space to look and can offer insightful advice, taking you through your options step by step. They will take into account how the sun hits your garden where you have areas of shade and how shadow will be cast across the space.</p> <p>We have many decorative fencing choices; screen panel fencing made from bamboo or reeds offers a natural effect, whilst larch lap creates a more formal feel. It is close boarded for your privacy and is combined with wooden posts and an ornamental finial top.</p> <p>Our ever popular close boarded fencing can be installed with pressure treated timber posts or robust concrete posts with horizontal arris rails. Further options include timber or concrete gravels boards. These are materials that will take you through the seasons without losing strength or becoming unstable.</p> <p>For inspiration on the ways in which you could transform your own garden, have a look at our online gallery. There are a range of pictures illustrating the work we have carried out recently; each design is as individual as the customer. Whether your garden is a blank canvass or you have existing features that you'd like us to work with, we can help. So if you want to makeover your garden, or simply need advice on any aspect of our service, please get in touch with Kayst Fencing Contractors today. We look forward to working with you.</p> <h1><a href="agricultural.html"><img src="images/next-page.png" alt="Next" width="142" height="54" align="right" /></a>Kayst Fencing Commercial</h1> <p><strong>Steel Palisade</strong></p> <p>Steel palisade fencing is an intimidating form of defence for any at-risk premises. It comprises large sturdy rails, reinforcing cross sections and triple spikes to the top. This is a highly visible solution, ideal for security inspections and CCTV usage. The palisade comes with a galvanised finish, or galvanised and polyester powder coated. You can also select the ideal RAL colour for any at risk premises. Available in ten standard heights, with triple point or rounded top options this is a highly visible solution.</p> <p><strong>Multi-wire Panels</strong></p> <p>Multi-wire panels are a less austere option; they coordinate well with maintained gardens and landscaped areas. These mesh panels safeguard against cutting and criminal damage, making them ideal for industrial sites, schools or commercial premises.</p> <p><strong>Single Wire Panels</strong></p> <p>For facilities that require medium grade security, single wire panels are a useful solution. The standard colour is green 6005, but many other RAL colours can be supplied.</p> <p><strong>Anti-Climb Mesh</strong></p> <p>High risk premises need a robust mesh solution with substantial visibility for security purposes and use with CCTV. Anti-climb mesh works well in secure units, schools, prisons and industrial facilities, guarding against intruders and cutting. The polyester powder coated option is available, as are a range of colours.</p> <p><strong>Chain Link</strong></p> <p>Chain link fences can be produced in light, medium or heavy gauge, with either a galvanised or polyester powder coated finish, and a number of colours. This is perfect for low to medium risk areas and looks both clean and simple. For added security we can incorporate barbed wire or razor wire to the top, then install your fence using steel or concrete fixing posts.</p> <p><strong>Gates</strong></p> <p>We can supply and install all types of manual swing or sliding gates to guard and restrict access. Complete with slide locking bar as standard or with options of the heavy duty &lsquo;Loci Nox&rsquo; mortised lock or our range of key code locks. All galvanised and powder coated finishes available.</p> <p>Automated gates are popular at schools where children need to be kept safely inside a playground, and intruders prevented from entering. Automatic gates come in a range of sizes, they reduce the risk of an access point being left open as they are self closing. Our gates are produced with a hot dipped galvanised finish, or with a galvanised and polyester powder coating.</p> <h1><a href="sitesecure.html"><img src="images/next-page.png" alt="Next" width="142" height="54" align="right" /></a>Kayst Fencing Agricultural </h1> <p>We have a range of fencing to meet every aspect of your arable, equestrian or livestock boundary control needs. If necessary, our team are available to give advice on the ideal product for your terrain and the kind of application you have in mind.</p> <p><strong>Post and Rail Fencing (1.2 m high)</strong></p> <p>The post and rail fence is used in many agricultural situations, it is built using square section posts and then three square rails are nailed on lengthways, a second option uses half round rails. Each section post is set at 1.8m and they can be embedded in the ground or reinforced with a concrete foundation. We only use pressure treated timber, so the wood can withstand the elements and is protected from insect attacks. Post and rail fencing is particularly effective on uneven ground and is ideal for equestrian facilities.</p> <p><strong>Stock Fence</strong></p> <p>Then galvanised mesh is tensioned between strainer posts and secured to intermediate posts to create a robust barrier. Finally, we use two strands of barged wire to the top of the mesh or alternatively, plain wire as an option.</p> <p><strong>Rabbit Fencing</strong></p> <ul> <li> <h4><strong>Our rabbit fencing is built using machine round timbers posts embedded in the ground.</strong></h4> </li> <li> <h4><strong>The fence is erected in a trench that is dug to approximately .300mm deep.</strong></h4> </li> <li> <h4><strong>It is buried when the trench is re-filled.</strong></h4> </li> </ul> <p><strong>Made to Order or Standard Gates</strong></p> <p>Whether you need a hardwood or softwood gate, we have a five bar timber design to suit your property and it will be made by a skilled professional.</p> <p>We can combine our diamond brace gates with stock fences or post and rail fences, to create a continuous and secure barrier.</p> <p>For a more economical option we have the galvanised steel field gate, it can be purchased in a variety of sizes and stands at 1.2m high. We will use timber or tubular steel gate posts for installation.</p> <p>Finally, we can also install a range of specialised products; stiles, kissing gates, wildlife fences and electric fencing. </p>